Sunday, September 14

इंडियन ज्यूडिसरी

it has been often quoted and believed by most that money can buy one all the articles which may be required for being happy and contented but, what it can not buy one is content and happiness itself.
however, in the Indian scenario, it appears that money is capable of buying much more than mere commodities. here, money can buy absolute freedom - not guaranteed by the constitution, complete fearlessness - of the law, and ofcourse, to the least, money can buy people.
the 'facts' as mentioned above have been proven, yet again, by the turn of events that took place before and till the 'recent' judgement pronounced in the 'not so recent' BMW hit and run case। however, what the indian legal system may in this case be applauded for is that it took a mere decade, infact, to be precise even lesser, that is, just about 9 years, for the lower court to pronounce the 5 years imprisonment orders. now, how long will it take the high court to appriciate the various technicalities, several evidences, plathora of depositions............

आलेख -सुनील गुप्ता,
एल एल बी, डीयू

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